Interior Services

G.S. Painting Co. specializes in interior painting and remodeling, some of the services we provide are:
Drywall and plaster repair
Cabinet spray refinishing
Wallpaper hanging and removal
Hardwood floor installation
Concrete resurfacing of laminate countertops and floors
Popcorn ceiling removal

Some common questions new customer ask us:

  • How does G.S. Painting Co. prepare my home's interior for paint? First we move furniture as needed, then completely cover all floors and furniture. We drape plastic where needed to contain dust. We prep all surfaces to be painted by removing any loose paint, sanding, caulking unsightly gaps and cracks, and spackling holes and mudding imperfections in walls. Large cracks are taped and mudded. Sand again. Then we oil prime any water or smoke stains or knots in wood. We then remove all dust and begin to paint.
  • We have ugly popcorn ceilings can G.S. Painting Co. help? Yep. Nobody likes those outdated popcorn ceilings anymore. Removing them is great way to change the look of your home. We have removed a lot of popcorn lately and know a few good methods.
  • How do you get that smooth as glass finish on my trim and doors? On some jobs we can spray trim and doors to leave a beautiful finish that is smooth as glass with no brush marks.
  • How will you paint my cabinets? We remove doors and hardware, and set up doors in rows. We degloss the cabinets, then using an high volume low pressure spray gun, we spray inside and out with a bonding primer and topcoat with oil enamel. The result is like a factory finish with no brush or roller marks. We can change out the hardware if you like then rehang doors. The finish on these cabinets will be very durable and difficult to chip.
  •  We would like to add some detail to our home, what do you suggest? Having us install crown molding and chair rail are relatively inexpensive ways to change the look of a room.  Adding wainscoting, beadboard, or shadow boxes is very popular and can really transform a living space.
  • I have heard that you can resurface my laminate countertops? We can resurface your existing laminate countertops in place with decorative concrete system that gives you the look of granite, marble and natural stone at a fraction of the cost. The product does not look or feel like concrete at all. It is non porous so it will not stain or harbor bacteria, it is durable and looks amazing. You have to see to believe.
  • G.S. Painting Co. can resurface interior floors with decorative concrete, right? Absolutely. We can resurface any floor in your house with a decorative concrete overlay that can look like any kind of stone or tile you have seen. Any pattern and combination of colors is possible. You are limited only by your imagination. We resurface directly over ceramic tile, linoleum, wood or concrete. There is no way to get a better looking floor. Perfect for kitchens, baths, basements, garages and especially sunrooms.

G.S. Painting Co.
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