Exterior Services

G.S. Painting Co. specializes in all types of exterior paint and stain finishes as well as:
Complete carpentry service
Pressure washing
Custom concrete resurfacing

We can paint or stain the exterior of your house, thats probably obvious, but here are some common questions that new customers ask us.

  • How do you prepare the house for paint? We start by pressure washing to remove dirt, mildew and chalkiness. After the house is completely dry ( moisture content must be below 15%) we mask and cover all areas that wont be painted, set up nets or dropcloths to catch all chips and begin to scrape any loose paint. Sanding the rough jagged paint edges with orbital sanders to feather and smooth them out. Scraped areas, knots, and tannin bleed are then sealed with oil primer. In some cases we oil prime the whole house.All rotted wood is replaced. All gaps and cracks where water penetration could occur are caulked. Then your house is ready for paint.
  • My house wont stop peeling, can G.S. Painting Co. help? Yes, usually we can. Most of the time moisture causes paint to peel. In this case it could be a leak in a roof or a window. Or faulty flashing behind a deck or chimney. Other times it can be a ventilation problem, especially common in old houses, that can cause a house to sweat the paint right off. Lack of a good vapor barrier in your walls will cause peeling too. We correct these problems when possible and eliminate the moisture problem before we paint. Sometimes the layer of paint on your house never got a good bite, because the last guy painted when it was damp or dirty. Then the next time it was painted the new coat bonded to the old coat harder than the old coat was bonded to the house. This new coat can actually pull the old coat off the house. In this case the only way to beat it is to remove all the paint completely using an ifra red paint remover. This can be time consuming and costly, but its  better  than paying to have your house painted every couple of years.
  • My cedar siding is weathered to grey and black and I cant see the wood grain anymore, can it look natural again?   Absolutely, we can restore your siding or decking and make it look new again. All it takes is a very thorough pressure wash to lift off the black and gray wood fibers, then it needs to be sanded to smooth the grain down. It is then ready for a clear or semi transparent oil stain.
  • My roof is black and mossy can you wash it?  We can pressure wash your roof to make it look new again. No roof is too steep or too high.
  • The siding on my house is cupped and brittle, does G.S. Painting Co. install new siding? We install cedar clapboard and shingle siding.
  • What is concrete resurfacing? Concrete resurfacing is a method used to transform the appearance of any exterior concrete surface such as pool decks, patios or walkways, or garage floors. These surfaces are resurfaced with a thin new layer of concrete, with any kind of pattern or texture, and stained to mimic any type of natural stone looks. This system is perfect for bringing new life to undesirable old gray, cracked concrete. It can also be used to resurface interior tile floors, linoleum and wood floors.

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